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Agreement On Safeguards Slideshare – OjaExpress for Business

Agreement On Safeguards Slideshare

15 The amount of concessions and other commitments if there is no agreement (…), the exporting Member concerned shall be free to suspend the application of concessions substantially equivalent to the trade of the Member applying the safeguard measure on the expiry of a period of thirty days from the date on which the Council for Trade in Goods was informed in writing of that suspension; unless the Council for Trade in Goods objects to the suspension (Article 8(2)) The right to the suspension is not exercised during the first three years during which a safeguard measure is in force, provided that it was taken following an absolute increase in imports (Article 8, paragraph (3) 1 Competition policy in WTO sectoral agreements Dr Pierre Arhel Counsellor (Competition Policy) Intellectual Property Division of Sao Paulo; April. Article 1 provides that the SG Agreement is the instrument by which the measures provided for in Article XIX of the GATT may be applied in 1994. In other words, any measure for which the scope of Article XIX (which allows gatt concessions and obligations to be suspended in defined emergency situations) must be taken in accordance with the provisions of the SG Agreement. The Agreement expressly does not apply to measures taken under other provisions of GATT 1994, other multilateral trade agreements provided for in Annex 1A or protocols and agreements or arrangements concluded under GATT 1994. (Article 11.1(c)) 8 Application of Safeguard MeasuresA Member shall apply safeguard measures only to the extent necessary to prevent or remedy serious harm and facilitate adaptation. Where a quantitative restriction is used, this measure must not bring the volume of imports below the level of a new period corresponding to the average of imports of the last three representative years. Where a quota is allocated among the supplier countries, the Member applying the restrictions may request an agreement on the allocation of shares in the quota with all other Members having a major interest in supplying the product concerned. For example, orderly marketing agreements and similar measures) to limit imports of certain products. These measures were not imposed in accordance with Article XIX and were therefore not governed by the multilateral discipline of the GATT, and the legality of such measures under the GATT was doubtful.