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Agreement To Use Aircraft – OjaExpress for Business

Agreement To Use Aircraft

5.2.2. the cargo is packed in a manner inappropriate for carriage by air; 5.2.4. the cargo is likely to endanger aircraft, persons or property; Guidelines and reflections on joint lease and management contracts with business aircraft, for example.B. For the exclusive use of cargo chartering between the charterer and the carrier with a broker as agent (but not as a party to the agreement). 3.3 All ground and operating personnel, including cabin crew, are entitled to receive orders only from the Carrier, unless a specific written agreement has been obtained in advance by the Carrier, under which certain defined instructions may be accepted by such personnel by the Charterer. Flights operated under a time-sharing agreement may be subject to a federal excise tax (FET). For information on this tax, members should have access to the NBAA web resource at IRS Commercial Transport taxes for Part 91 Flights. Only U.S.-registered aircraft that can be operated under FAR Part 91 Subpart F can use a time-sharing contract. To be eligible, the aircraft must fall into one of the following groups: The Baltic Air Charter Association (“BACA”) has developed the attached model contract as a guide for its members and others, with respect to frequently used contractual terms, in agreements that may cover the activities they carry out. The attached project template is for reference and illustrative purposes only and is not exhaustive or definitive, as all transactions are different. BACA makes no representation or warranty as to the effectiveness or applicability of this project or its contents and BACA assumes no responsibility to those who can rely on it. All persons wishing to use this project should benefit from their own separate legal advice. “aircraft” means any aircraft currently operating in connection with a flight; By using a time-sharing contract, an aircraft operator may claim a limited refund for a flight.

Under this Agreement, an enterprise is authorized to lease its manned aircraft to another person or company. In return, the aircraft operator may be reimbursed for a specific list of costs related to the flight, including an amount equal to twice the cost of fuel used on the flight. The following charges are permitted under far 91.501(d): Aircraft, including piston aircraft, small aeroplanes and all helicopters operating for small aircraft under the NBAA waiver, may also use the reimbursement options permitted by Part 91, Subsection F, such as an exchange agreement.B. For more information, visit NBAA members on Small Aircraft Exemption Web Resource. 11.4 No claim is made against the Broker with respect to any warranty or other indemnity from or in connection with the chartering of the aircraft, unless such warranty, guarantee or indemnification is expressly included in this Agreement. 11.2 This Agreement defines the entire agreement and understanding between the Parties or any of them regarding the chartering of the Aircraft, as described above, and supersedes all assurances, agreements, preconditions, negotiations and obligations, whether oral or written thereof. 5.4 The charterer is solely responsible for the proper packaging of the cargo for air transport, in order to ensure that it can be safely carried on flights with the usual diligence and not to injure or damage people, goods or property. 5.6 Loading and unloading shall be at the risk of the charterer. Payment of the charter price is made directly to the [carrier/broker] by telegraph transfer: the final charges are subject to the limits of the WAT at the time of flight and are also subject to the final assessment of the master.

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