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Service Level Agreement For Electrical Services – OjaExpress for Business

Service Level Agreement For Electrical Services

Our website is behind all the devices in our network. Faulty hardware is rare, but cannot be predicted or avoided. We only use branded products of the highest quality and highest performance. We will replace as soon as possible any faulty hardware affecting the performance level of the devices, including hardware issues that cause server drops or speed issues. Hardware errors that cause a network/server/downtime failure are also fixed as quickly as possible. A router failure is an exception to this SLA warranty and may require on-site technicians or emergency personnel from the backbone provider to resolve the issue. Router failure is addressed by ongoing contracts with external companies and backbone providers regarding emergency repair service in the event of a problem. We replace all defective hardware on dedicated servers (rented or leased servers) free of charge for the customer with an unlimited free replacement policy. This includes parts ordered as upgrades. We don`t write a full month service for small downtime….