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Share Subscription Agreement Plc – OjaExpress for Business

Share Subscription Agreement Plc

Modifications and declarations of waiver: it is agreed that none of the conditions shall be deemed to be waived by an act of the Parties during the term of this Agreement b. at least three arbitrators shall be appointed, at least one should be appointed by each Party, one being the President chosen by the other arbitrators appointed and not fulfilling the agreement of the [President of the International Chamber of Commerce]; A share subscription contract is essentially an agreement between the company and the investor, which involves the acquisition of ownership of the company through the issuance of new shares. The acquisition of a business may include either the acquisition of existing securities or the issuance of new shares. The acquisition by purchase of securities is called a “share purchase agreement” and the acquisition by issuing new shares is called a “share purchase agreement”. As part of the Share Subscription Agreement (SSA), the company intends to issue new shares so that the founders do not dilute their ownership of the company. It is actually a promise from a potential shareholder to pay funds to a company, in exchange for which the company issues a certain number of shares at a certain price. A share subscription agreement must include the number of shares to be issued to the shareholder, as well as the order and manner in which the funds are disbursed. Sometimes the SSA better defines the terms of a roadmap. The main objective of the share subscription agreement is to have clearly all the points relating to the provision of the SSA and to conclude a clear agreement with the shareholders, which will necessarily define the mechanisms of the investment made by the investor in the company. The main objective of this Agreement is to oblige both Parties to implement the investment process. A share subscription agreement would be necessary if the company wanted to raise funds, in particular by issuing shares, by not diluting the owners` share. He uses this money for his own needs.

Normally, the founders of the company use their own money at the beginning of the operation, but eventually, the founders have to look for money from angel investors or friends or outside people who must be issued in return for the investment of shares. If one of the founders sells his shares, a share purchase agreement is concluded to record the transfer between the selling founders and the incoming investor. In such cases, the consideration is paid to the founders and this part of the money is not invested in the company. However, if the company is not willing to dilute the already held stake of investors and founders, an SSA will be preferred. It is also preferred in the early stages if the founders do not want to sell their shares so early. Upon conclusion of this agreement, the person who is born the shares becomes a shareholder of the company. This can be done to raise capital either through the public offering or through a private placement. The document describes the parties to the transaction, the description of the shares put up for sale, the purchase price (consideration), the guarantees and assurances of the parties, the requirements before and after completion, etc. .