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St Vincent`s Care Services Enterprise Agreement – OjaExpress for Business

St Vincent`s Care Services Enterprise Agreement

This position will help promote the Reconciliation Action Plan. The organization will work closely with allied health services for patients/clients and their families, work with other health care professionals with SVHS and other external agencies, and contribute to the development of strategies, procedures and services to improve health outcomes for Aboriginal and Islanders Torres Strait. Evening shifts are part of that role. This position requires a Working with Children Check (WWCC) issued by the Child Caretaker`s Office. For more information and how to apply, please visit the Office of the Children`s Guardian website www.kidsguardian.nsw.gov.au/working-with-children/working-with-children-check We accept the core values of compassion, justice, integrity and excellence and we want to recruit people who share our beliefs, who want to take care of our beliefs and make a difference in the world. In the unit above, there is a vacancy for a highly motivated Aboriginal health worker with the knowledge and skills to join our friendly and supportive team. Our advanced and innovative team provides our employees with development opportunities and an environment conducive to providing high-quality patient-centered care. Proven knowledge of crisis intervention, short-term intervention, assessment and care planning. Well-developed written, oral and computer skills.

About St Vincent`s Health Network Sydney: St Vincent`s Health Network Sydney consists of three public hospitals, St Vincent`s Hospital in Sydney, the Sacred Heart Health Service and St Joseph`s Hospital in Auburn. We are part of St Vincent`s Health Australia, the largest diversified health organization in the unprofitable Catholic health sector in Australia. As a Catholic health care provider and the elderly, our mission is to bring God`s love to the needy through the healing ministry of Jesus, with a commitment to those who are poor and vulnerable. The ability to work as part of a multidisciplinary team in a high-demand environment, with competing requirements, and to increase customer service requirements. Successful applicants are expected to be able to assist Aboriginal patients and Torres Strait Islander patients in dealing with health issues, particularly in acute and subakuted environments at St. Vincents Hospital, Sydney Ltd (SVHS). AhW will also help SVHS staff provide safe/respectful cultural care to Aboriginal patients and families. The role of the AHW is responsible for effective liaison and connection with important Community-controlled organizations, particularly Aboriginal organisations, groups and services. As a provider of private and tertiary health services in Brisbane, we offer you the opportunity to work in a professional environment in a variety of medical, surgical and critical disciplines. We are an equal opportunity employer, we work as a team, we have excellent facilities and we make professional development of staff a priority. As a member of our team, you deserve respect, pay and reward. Our culture focuses on safety, and we make sure that our hospital meets the safety requirements of WH-S – staying safe at work means we can go home at the end of the day to enjoy what is really important in life.

We recognize that safety is everyone`s responsibility and our staff is committed to ensuring the safety of their own colleagues and patients. . Personal integrity and proven commitment to the philosophy, mission and values of Mary Aikenhead ministries and St Vincent`s Health Australia. The staff benefit from accommodation and free parking. To learn more about the professional development of staff Review our vacancy the vacancy is open to Australian citizens, New Zealand citizens with valid New Zealand passports, Australian permanent residents and non-residents considered by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship as