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Va Master Agreements

Similar differences of opinion exist in the administration of social security. The two sides agreed in April, after months of disagreement, on the ground rules for future negotiations. The Federal Service Impasses Panel weighed in during this process after VA initially declared that both parties were at a standstill. Several of these proposals have been made public by some agencies over the past year, and some essentially reflect some of the provisions of the president`s executive orders in 2018, which were struck down by a federal district court last August. The Trump administration is currently appealing the decision. In addition, the department proposed additional restrictions on the union`s participation in workers` complaints and complaints, as well as on AFGE`s communication with VA. AFGE has already experienced some of these challenges. The department has already eliminated the official time for about 104,000 employees in November, including many doctors, dentists, nurses, medical assistants and others. The passport panel recently looked at a series of disputes between the Ministry of Health and Human Services and the National Union of Treasury Workers. The panel has largely rewritten more than a dozen proposals for collective bargaining. “The service will not put in place a permanent number of weekdays at which follow-up officers will be able to declare a telework contract at their official site,” the VA proposal states. “However, staff should expect to be reported at least four days a week to the site and official service.

For employees with a compressed work schedule, the employee`s normal day (s) is counted as a day outside the official workplace for the purposes of that language. The VA document also applies to a language that has previously given employees a set timetable for obtaining and challenging a proposed disciplinary action. Schedules set to improve employee performance are also removed from the language of the proposed contract, although employees previously informed the Federal News Network that the division had eliminated 60- or 90-day performance improvement plans when implementing the Whistleblower Responsibility and Protection Act. The new contract could be extended by one year until one of the parties decides to reopen, while va`s new proposals would change these procedures. The department proposed that a new contract be maintained for ten years after it came into force, instead of three years after the existing treaty. “What they`re doing is taking the whole language of the contract, which served not only as a reminder of those rights, but also as a guide for rank and file employees, and they remove them,” said David Cann, Director of Foreign Service and Education at AFGE. “We hope that we will be able to speak intelligently about these proposals and that both sides will act in good faith,” he said. “We are a little pessimistic based on our results and what we see in these proposals.” The provisions of the current contract, under which, under the specified VA, various activities would continue to provide and support child care needs, were removed. Instead, VA`s new proposals indicate that the department will “continue its efforts to ensure adequate financial resources to support the child care of its staff.” In fiscal 2016, VA employees spent 1,048,569 hours for official time, which, according to the latest available data from the Office of Personnel Management, cost approximately $49 million. Wilkie said these proposals – and in particular official time reductions – would “bring a vital flow of resources that would make an almost immediate difference to the veterans and employees who care for them.” “It`s time to relaunch VA`s approach to the relationship between work management and work management,” Minister Robert Wilkie said in a statement last week.