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OjaExpress for Business – OjaExpress for Business

OjaExpress can get your business online in just minutes! Smart grocery store owners are now selling online. They are using the online presence to increase sales. Your business needs to be online because that is where customers are shopping now. Request A Demo OjaExpress provides all you need to start selling online. Shopping is moving for in-store to online. OjaExpress helps ethnic grocers sell online and provide all the tools necessary to succeed online. Millions of customers are looking for your products online. Sign up and start selling today. Start Selling Online Today Start Selling Online Today Search 1000,000 items in OjaExpress product catalog by name, category, or product code, or upload inventory file to get thousands of products online in minutes. Set your delivery zone, minimum, order value, delivery fee, maximum orders per hour, and delivery speed, or decide to outsource it to OJaExpress. Your store becomes visable on the marketplace, and you can start accepting orders.Order notifications are sent based on your preferencees by email, sms, and/or phone. 1 2 3 Get Inventory Online Set up Delivery Preferences Go Online Live!

Product catalogue with photos

Secure transactions

Product and sales monitoring

Business performance data

Easy payment integration

On-going marketing and advertising

Product and customer insights

Constantly improvings

How a partnership directly benefits your business. Option #1 Merchant Goods OjaExpress Discount OjaExpress % Markup Option #2 Merchant Goods OJaExpress Sale Direct OjaExpress % Markup Merchant Account Manager Creation of Your Online Store Dedicated Customer Service Credit Card Processing Free Setup No Maintenance Fee No Monthly Fees It is Free!

Grow Your Business. Expand your Market.

OjaExpress is growing fast! More cities coming soon.



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